Artist statement:

My artwork is the result of a unique vision combined with innovative techniques in image-making.

Each image begins with an intuitive creative energy, and I follow this process with intensity until I reach a point of reflection and re-work the image until completion.


I start with an iconic photograph and collage this together with a selection of photographs, including my original photography. Then I paint digitally with a stylus on most every part of the work The next phase is printing the digital image onto archival quality canvas. After that I hand-finish the image with traditional paint and brush-strokes. Then I further add crystals before adding a coat of resin or varnish. Textural elements are important and additionally these materials reflect and play with the light and give an extra sense of energy.


My finished artworks are designed to be appreciated quickly at a distance and slowly at close-range. At a distance the works are energetic colorful celebrations. On close-inspection the works reveal hidden intricacies. Repeated viewings of my artworks create a nuanced understanding and positive emotion within the viewer.

The extravagant, optimistic, energized, celebratory nature of my artworks are intended to spark joy and invoke delight. I can think of no better purpose for the creation of art.

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